Insights From Our Experience


We at Revitalization Partners have often said to each other, while reviewing projects: “We could write a book about this stuff.”

Instead, we decided to begin sharing what we have learned in these articles which we send out bi-weekly to our newsletter subscribers, post on LinkedIn and on our website.


Articles drawn from our experience:

Watch Out For Zombie Companies

Is the Rise in Confidence in the Economy Misplaced?

Lessons Learned from Family-Owned Businesses

Lawsuits are on the Rise for Small Businesses

New Years Resolution: Don’t Be a Day Late and Many Dollars Short

Why Banks Still Say No

The Difference Between Receivership and Bankruptcy

Rapidly Rising Rents Are Threatening Independent Businesses

Where Art Meets Science – Selling Assets in a Court-Appointed Receivership

Why Successful Leaders Often Fail Before Succeeding

Is The Timing Right to Sell Your Business?

Do You Know What Drives Bank Loans In Todays World

Weighing The Benefits and Costs of Lender Forbearance

How to Get a Receiver Appointed

Tales From The Recievership Trail – Chapter-3

The Time Is Right For Asset Based Lenders

Lessons From The Silicon Valley Bank Failure For Non-Financial Companies

Leadership In Times Of Crisis

Dealing With a Continuity Crisis

Strategies For Surviving A Cash Flow Crisis

The Risk of a Do-It-Yourself Wind Down

Who’s Managing Your Organization?

Lessons Learned From 2022

Smaller Businesses in Need of a Loan Find Banks are Tightening

How An Incompetent Leader Can Destroy A Business

Tales From The Receivership Trail #2

Are Lenders Acting Fast Enough To Mitigate Risk?

Tales From The Receivership Trail

Maximizing Value In A Court Appointed Receivership

The Risk of Waiting Too Long

Why Are Businesses Still Optimistic?

Impact of Inflation on Small and Mid-Sized Business

Why Do We Have A Critical Pilot Shortage?

A Fork In The Road For The Auto Industry: The Shift Towards Electric Cars Presents A Dilemma To The Industry’s Supply Chain

Is The Sky Falling? What Does Your Banker Thiink?

Preparing the Small & Mid-Sized Business for the Post Pandemic Inflationary Environment

How an RP-Managed Acquisition Preserved the Legacy of a Third Generation Family Business

Lessons Learned from the Elizabeth Holmes – Theranos Story

Texas Bankruptcy Court Weighs in on Lender Liability And It’s Not Good News for Lenders

The Risk of Poor Financial Management

The Dsyfunctional Board of Directors

Psychology of a Troubled Company’s CEO

The Difference Between Cash Flow and Profit

What To Do When Your Company Is Insolvent

Receiverships: What They Are and How They Work

Why Lenders Should Really Be Concerned About Supply Chain Issues

Bonuses & Bankruptcy

The Great Resignation Is Killing Companies

Small Businesses Must Embrace Digital Technology To Survive

The Debt Ceiling and Default

Is Your Company A Disruptor?

Reacting to a Lack of Employees

The Business Automation Imperative

The Need For Independent Board Directors

You Can’t Fix Stupid

Managing The Post Pandemic Business

When PPP Isn’t Enough

Why Cash Flow Is More Important Than Profits

Financial Security and Why It Is Important For Employees

Finding That New Job

The Cost Of Chatper 11 – Follow Up

Common Mistakes Startups Make When Seeking Venture Capital

The Real Cost Of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Why Small Businesses Fail

The Housing Market and Credit

Selling a Small or Mid-Sized Enterprise

The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Time Is Running Out

Happy Holidays

An Approach To Business Litigation

Where Is The Liquidity During The Pandemic?

How Credit Insurance Impacts Liquidity

How The Stock Market Differs From The Economy – PART 2

How The Stock Market Differs From The Economy

We Should Have Listened

The Small Business Reorganization Act

Real Estate Turnarounds To Consider First

Emotion In Commercial Real Estate

Watch Out For Zombie Companies

Most Business Will Suffer and May Fail; Yours Can Survive

We’re From The Government …

Managing In The Zone Of Insolvency

Management Decisions During The Coronavirus

Lead Your Business Through The Coronavirus Crisis

What Keeps Mid-Market CEOs Up At Night?

Does Automation Help Or Hurt Your Business?

What Is Revitalization Partners?

Insiders Forecast a 2020 Recession

Seasons Greetings

Getting Fired As CEO

Branding For Mid-Market Companies

Lender Feelings & Impact On Your Business

Selecting The Right Private Equity Firm

The Impact Of Politics On Small And Mid-Sized Business

A New Breed Of Space Cowboy

A Day To Remember

Lessons Learned Before Bankruptcy

Small & Medium-Sized Businesses Prepare For Recession

The Truth About Tariffs

Value and Employee Compensation

Are Companies Too Optimistic?

Closing Your Business

Small Business M&A – The Difference Between Success & Failure

Mid-Market Predicts Economic Downturn

As Prices Slump – Will Farmers Survive?

How M&A Deals Are Like Marriages And What To Do About Failed Expectations

When Is A Lie A Lie?

The Cost Of Winter Storms – Should We Believe The Economists?

Why Small Business Successions Often Fail

And The Shutdown Continues

How The Government Shutdown Affects Businesss

Sign Here And Lose Everything

Why Private Companies Need Advisory Boards

“Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast” – Peter Drucker – Part 2

“Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast” – Peter Drucker

The Importance Of Customer Service – Part -2

The Importance Of Customer Service – Part -1

Change You Should Believe In

Do NOT Look In Your Rear-View Mirror

It’s That Time Of Year

A Small Business Is Not a Little Big Business

The Story of a Problem Loan

Civility in the Workplace and In Life

A Forbearance Agreement: What Does It Mean?

The Danger Of Inept Government

Competition In The Mid-Market ABL Space

What Does Your Banker Really Think?

When Does A Sale Become a “Sale”?

United Airlines … Again?

Integrity & Accountability

Middle Market Lenders Concerned Over Borrower’s Leverage

Lose Customers & Clients – Part II

Too Good To Be True

Show Me The Money


Thank You

Examining The Next Credit Cycle

Happy Thanksgiving

Equity vs. Debt – There Is A Difference

Hidden Danger – The Labor Market and Your Bottom Line

Barbarians At The Bank

Losing Customers

Culture Of Accountability

Plan B Better Be Good

What Does Customer Service Mean?

What Business Are You In? … Really?

Who Is Accountable?

Change Is Good

Saving You From Yourself

Rise Of The Hired Gun

Customer Service Stories From Both Sides

Common Sense Needed In The Airline Industry?

Why Do These Things Keep Happening To United?

Protecting Your Company’s Social Media Profile

Sustainable Success – Part 2

Dangers of Micromanagement

Toxic Loans

Revitalization Partners Podcast On Banking

What About Those Alternative Facts?

Managing Expectations When Hiring A Consultant

A More Personal Blog

The Difference Between Accounting & Finance

The Usual Betrayal

The Effect of the Election on Inflation and Interest Rates

The Effect of the Election on Community Banking

Effect Of Regional Bank Disaster On Small Business Lending

EBITDA and Multiples: The Perception of Risk

Corporate Debt at Risk in Current Economy

Every Company Needs A Turnaround

The Dregs Of Summer

Is Workplace Violence Affecting Business?

More On Small and Mid-Sized Lending

Sustainable Success

PayDay Loan Industry Moves To Business

Drawbacks Of 50/50 Partnerships

Highly Leveraged Companies Facing Financial Risk

Why Banks Are Saying “No” To Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

The Political Process In The Workplace

The Problem Of Being Poorly Educated

A Culture Of Personal Responsibility

The Next Banking Crisis

Hiring The Wrong Person

How Timely Referrals Help Struggling Companies

Bankruptcy Help May Be On The Way

Headlines You Can’t Ignore – Do You Know Your Customer?

Happy Thanksgiving

What Does It Mean For Your Business If You Panic?

Unfinished Business – Lessons From The NFL

What Is It You Really Want?

Hypocritical In Seattle