Practice Areas

Corporate Turnarounds

Most troubled companies struggle with operational issues in addition to cash flow problems and excess debt. No turnaround, however, can be successful over the long term unless a company’s underlying operations are changed to achieve the desired results.

Operational improvement not only involves addressing the operational initiatives that drive the income statement, but they also involve evaluating the components of working capital that improve the balance sheet and create long term sustainable cash flow. Revitalization Partners has extensive experience in substantially improving operational performance.

The team at Revitalization Partners is one of the most experienced in the Northwest at working with companies in the receivership process. We see receiverships through an entrepreneurial lens and strive to uncover the best path forward for all involved. This includes understanding the root causes of a business’s operational and financial set-backs and finding a solution that maximizes the lenders or creditors’ returns and achieving the optimal business outcome. Whether a receivership is entered through an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC) or an imposed receivership by a lender or other party, we have successfully guided a number of companies through the process, obtaining maximum return for all parties, and in most cases by selling its assets as a going concern.

Receivership & Bankruptcy

Crisis Management & Debt Restructuring

For companies slow to adapt or boards unwilling to make changes in a timely manner, financial viability may be at stake. As a result, the current lending relationship most likely will be put in jeopardy which will further comprise the company’s ability to operate. Once a business has violated covenants or referred to the special assets group of its principal lender, things can go downhill very rapidly. Revitalization Partners has demonstrated experience in assessing and rapidly stabilizing operational performance and negotiating with lenders to find the best possible outcome for the company and working to restore confidence. The objective is simple: The survival of the corporation as a going concern and reestablishing credibility with its lenders.
The professionals at Revitalization Partners have decades of experience serving as interim senior managers, including interim CEO, CRO, COO and CFO positions, as well as advisors. We have worked with companies in virtually every industry ranging from start-ups to large, publicly held enterprises. Our hands-on approach is focused on eliminating the sins of the past, preserving the best of the company’s culture and getting the organization focused on the key issues and restoring business value in the shortest possible time.

Interim Senior Management

Investor & Creditor Operational Support

Revitalization Partners brings extensive experience in working with equity investors and lenders and assisting them in evaluating their exposure and assessing the proper actions necessary to evaluate a company’s financial and operating position. We leverage our management, investment and financial experience to rapidly provide clients an in-depth experience that transcends financial due diligence and enables us to identify operational flaws and opportunities that are not readily detected by financial analysis alone.