Crisis Management & Debt Restructuring

For companies slow to adapt or boards unwilling to make changes in a timely manner, financial viability may be at stake. As a result, the current lending relationship most likely will be put in jeopardy which will further compromise the company’s ability to operate. Once a business has violated covenants or has been referred to the special assets group of its principal lender, things can go downhill very rapidly. Revitalization Partners has demonstrated experience in assessing and rapidly stabilizing operational performance and negotiating with lenders to find the best possible outcome for the company and working to restore confidence. The objective is simple: The survival of the corporation as a going concern and reestablishing credibility with its lenders.


Revitalization Partners professionals have extensive experience in reestablishing credibility with lenders and presenting them with an unbiased evaluation of the situation and a proposed workout plan. We have substantial experience in replacing the current lender, if necessary, with one that matches the company’s requirements.

Our experience includes working with commercial banks, asset based lenders – both bank and private – as well as mezzanine debt and other private debt providers.