Insights From Our Experience


We at Revitalization Partners have often said to each other, while reviewing projects: “We could write a book about this stuff.”

Instead, we decided to begin sharing what we have learned in these articles which we send out bi-weekly to our newsletter subscribers, post on LinkedIn and on our website.


Articles drawn from our experience:

Integrity & Accountability

Middle Market Lenders Concerned Over Borrower’s Leverage

Lose Customers & Clients – Part II

Too Good To Be True

Show Me The Money


Thank You

Examining The Next Credit Cycle

Happy Thanksgiving

Equity vs. Debt – There Is A Difference

Hidden Danger – The Labor Market and Your Bottom Line

Barbarians At The Bank

Losing Customers

Culture Of Accountability

Plan B Better Be Good

What Does Customer Service Mean?

What Business Are You In? … Really?

Who Is Accountable?

Change Is Good

Saving You From Yourself

Rise Of The Hired Gun

Customer Service Stories From Both Sides

Common Sense Needed In The Airline Industry?

Why Do These Things Keep Happening To United?

Protecting Your Company’s Social Media Profile

Sustainable Success – Part 2

Dangers of Micromanagement

Toxic Loans

Revitalization Partners Podcast On Banking

What About Those Alternative Facts?

Managing Expectations When Hiring A Consultant

A More Personal Blog

The Difference Between Accounting & Finance

The Usual Betrayal

The Effect of the Election on Inflation and Interest Rates

The Effect of the Election on Community Banking

Effect Of Regional Bank Disaster On Small Business Lending

EBITDA and Multiples: The Perception of Risk

Corporate Debt at Risk in Current Economy

Every Company Needs A Turnaround

The Dregs Of Summer

Is Workplace Violence Affecting Business?

More On Small and Mid-Sized Lending

Sustainable Success

PayDay Loan Industry Moves To Business

Drawbacks Of 50/50 Partnerships

Highly Leveraged Companies Facing Financial Risk

Why Banks Are Saying “No” To Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

The Political Process In The Workplace

The Problem Of Being Poorly Educated

A Culture Of Personal Responsibility

The Next Banking Crisis

Hiring The Wrong Person

How Timely Referrals Help Struggling Companies

Bankruptcy Help May Be On The Way

Headlines You Can’t Ignore – Do You Know Your Customer?

Happy Thanksgiving

What Does It Mean For Your Business If You Panic?

Unfinished Business – Lessons From The NFL

What Is It You Really Want?

Hypocritical In Seattle

Working With A Turnaround Professional To Save Your Business

Why Reputation Management Should Be Your Top Marketing Priority – Continued

Why Reputation Management Should Be Your Top Marketing Priority

Even A Small Private Company Needs A Board Of Directors

Micromanagement – A Curse of the Business World

Who Is Looking Through Your Glassdoor?

Your Loan Has Been Assigned To Special Assets … Now What?

The Limits of Limited Liability

Money for Nothing

We don’t need no stinkin’ help

What You Should Know About Breaking Debt Covenants

What Does It Mean To Restructure?

Fifty Shades Of SG&A

Corporate Culture and Customer Service

Corporate Culture and Customer Service – Part 2

How To Get A Loan For Your Compamy

$500,000 Per Day …

What Is MEZZ Debt Anyway?

Is Your Business Sellable?

When Is It Too Late?

Best Places To Work

Institutional Failure

Surviving A Cash Crunch

The Perfect Retail Storm

More Lessons From The NFL

Management Lessons From The NFL

Looking For Cash In All The Wrong Places

A Sense Of Entitlement

Certainty In Our Lives

Is Your Business Failing?

No Competition

The New EBITDA – Emotion Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization/

Focusing On Productivity Will Help Companies Adjust To Minimum Wage Increase

Taxi vs. Ride-Sharing: Let The Free Market Decide

What Ever Happened To Accountability?

Change, But Not Without A Plan

Change Is Here To Stay

How Companies Can Draft and Develop Franchise Players

Are You Too Old?

We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us – POGO

Is There A Transaction In Your Future?

Are You Personally Liable?

Denial – Not A River In Egypt

Easy As ABC

Cha Cha Changes

What Is Humane Restructuring?

Right To Work

After The Restructuring

How Will Rising Interest Rates Affect Your Loan?

Did You Ever Wonder …

Profitable Growth

Another Gross Margin Measure You Need To Know

Are Higher Salaries Always Justified?

Decisions – Decisions

When Customer Service Fails

It’s Too Expensive

Advisors & Money

Receivership, Chapter 7 or Chapter 11?