Restructuring Consulting In Good Times Can Yield Big Returns

Restructuring ConsultingRestructuring Consulting

If you are in a leadership role and are expected to continually develop growth and profit improvement plans, investing in organizational restructuring consulting can present you with new and exciting options.

One particular  benefit from hiring a restructuring consulting professional is that that they are most often able to evaluate your company through an outsider’s viewpoint, using a pair of “fresh” eyes.

We have seen that it is common for company management to be simply so close to a business that they can often lose sight of the best, and simplest answers to their growth and profit improvement goals.

Restructuring Consulting does not need to be used only when a company is in financial distress, which is unfortunately most often the case.”   

It can be the most effective, and also the most rewarding, when the company is doing well.  Often the owner knows on some level that things could be better, but viable alternatives are just not coming from traditional sources.

Using our restructuring consulting process and experience in many industries, we’ll examine every major dimension of your enterprise and the markets in which your company competes.

We’ll also explore how we may re-design sales channels, operational processes, , product development pathways, etc. to reduce costs, improve deliveries, etc.

And yes; as a part of restructuring consulting, we will also look deeply into your current financial situation & structure to uncover anywhere you are missing important opportunities to free-up cash.

Restructuring Consulting Saves Companies

Most often, bankers and financial backers look favorably upon a restructuring consulting initiative, especially when it does not happen under financial distress.   They typically see the hiring of a restructuring consulting professional as a forward-thinking act taken by a confident management who is leaving  no stone unturned in their quest to build a stronger enterprise.

It is not uncommon for a company to have their access to cash increased after a successful corporate restructuring initiative.  Often, lenders see the enterprise as a better credit risk and most generally also see management in an even more favorable light.

Revitalization Partners has many years of experience in restructuring consulting as our Case Studies can attest.

What we have also learned is that often the best restructuring consulting initiatives begin with a forward-thinking management who wants to develop new sources of thinking and new perspectives for looking at the business and markets.


Restructuring A Company – Some Basic Options

Restructuring A Company

Restructuring a company is usually only considered when all “business as usual” options have been tried and have failed.

It is generally only then that operational executives and owners believe that the business cannot continue in its present form and start exploring viable alternatives.

All of the options shown below are typically considered as part of the process of exploring the various options available to restructure a company’s finances and business operations.

Those who own and manage the firm then pick the best available alternative and often hire experienced executives, like Revitalization Partners, to manage the process of  implementing the restructuring a company method they select.

Executives who have never had to manage restructuring  a company before are most often not familiar with the myriad of business restructuring options available to them and are also typically not familiar with the actual process of implementing such restructuring methods.

Our Primary Objective
Restructuring a company is intended to enhance the overall value of the business and thus make the firm or surviving assets more financially attractive to creditors, investors and the primary capital markets.  This restructuring “process”  is thus  intended to streamline the company in order to enhance operational efficiency and profitability or make the assets as financially attractive as possible to facilitate a sale.


Our Primary Function
We can help with restructuring a company in the following ways:

  • Corporate Realignment: restructuring a company through this process we analyze the entire business and develop a plan that would reorganize the firm’s operating units into the most profitable and efficient business structure.   This can include the transfer of  businesses units or company assets from one group to another or the sale of identified business units.  It often results in the release of capital that has been previously locked in the balance sheets of these business units.
  • Liquidation: : Many times, the liquidation option is rejected by management because it is initially seen as a public acknowledgment of  business failure.   The fact is that some businesses have reached the end of their life cycle or the market has changed so dramatically that continuing the business in its present form is unrealistic.  In such cases, a liquidation makes the most sense so restructuring a company is not a viable option.
  • Managed Exits: We can assist by providing interim management to wind down the business with the goal of restructuring a company by maximizing the overall return to investors,  owners and creditors while minimizing associated risks to customers and employees.
  • De-mergers: Should you need to structure a de-merger, we can make arrangements such that the emerging entities will result in a  financial structure that is tax efficient and creates an effective path for separation of the business units involved.
  • Debt For Equity Swaps: Restructuring a company through a debt-for-equity swap involve one or more of your creditors agreeing to cancel some or all of your debt in exchange for equity in your business.  This i a valuable option when you want to reduce the businesses debt load but don’t have the cash available to pay down debt or need to better use that cash for business expansion.  Our experienced business restructuring team can assist with planning and implementing the most effective debt-for-equity swap option.
  • Assignment For The Benefit Of Creditors:  This is an alternative to Chapter 7  (or a liquidating Chapter 11 bankruptcy)  that is growing in popularity and becoming an viable reorganization tool in Washington and other states.  Essentially, restructuring a company through ABC is a method that enables a business to end its obligations to its creditors  and also avoid the time, costs and and stigma that often occurs in a bankruptcy proceeding.

These are a few of the many techniques for restructuring a company we have used to help client firms return to profitability of professionally wind down operations.  We are ready to help you.

Restructuring a company is what we do so please CONTACT US and we would be happy to confidentially discuss your situation.

Restructuring A Company

Receiver Takes Over New Northwest Broadcasters

Assignment For The Benefit Of Creditors News

RE:  New Northwest Broadcasters


Receiver Takes Over New Northwest Broadcasters Petitions For Receivership

The licenses held by NEW NORTHWEST BROADCASTERS, LLC are being assigned to ALAN M. DAVISREVITALIZATION PARTNERS, LLC as receiver for the company.  The move, a WASHINGTON state court procedure, was made under a court-supervised Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors.  NEW NORTHWEST owns 31 full-power stations and an FM translator in WASHINGTON state, ALASKA, and OREGON.


Townsquare Media To Acquire 6 Yakima Stations
by Mai Hoang Yakima Herald-Republic

YAKIMA, Wash. — The landscape of the Yakima Valley radio industry will see big changes in the next year, including change of ownership and the relocation and change in frequency for several stations.

Townsquare Media has an agreement with Seattle-based New Northwest Broadcasters to buy six stations each in Yakima and the Tri-Cities, according to a news release from the Greenwich, Conn.-based company.

But Federal Communications Commission regulations limit the number of stations a company can own in one metropolitan area. So, Townsquare Media will retain half the stations and put the rest into a trust to be run by a third-party trustee and eventually sold to another company.

For New Northwest Broadcasters, the sale is a move toward satisfying creditors, said Alan Davis, a principal with Revitalization Partners, a Seattle-based company that has had temporary control of New Northwest Broadcasters since it entered into voluntary receivership last spring.

Davis would not reveal the purchase price or how much debt New Northwest Broadcasters owes. He did say that New Northwest Broadcasters is looking to sell other stations.

READ MORE:    From the Yakima Herald-Republic Online News

New Northwest Broadcasters Petitions For Receivership


On May 17 New Northwest Broadcasters, headquartered in Seattle, Wash., filed for a voluntary Assignment for Benefit of Creditors in King County Washington Superior Court, according to NNB company officials. An ABC effectively puts the company in receivership status, providing court supervision of an orderly restructuring of the company and payment of its debts.

In addition to stations in Alaska, Washington State and southern Oregon, NNB Radio, established in 1998, operates five radio stations from offices in Warrenton: KAST 1370 AM, KKEE 1230 AM, KCRX 102.3 FM and KVAS 103.9 FM.

Alan M. Davis, a principal with the Seattle, Wash.-based firm Revitalization Partners, has been named as the receiver, and is acting on behalf of the creditors.    “This is not a bankruptcy situation,” Davis was quick to point out.

Davis described the scenario as a court-sanctioned process in which his responsibility as receiver is to “use the assets of the company to maximize the return to creditors.”

NNB will continue operations as it has been doing, Davis said.

“Nothing will change; the company will continue to operate as it has until a final decision by the court has been made,” he said.

Davis said there are many possible outcomes in a receivership situation, but a rumored liquidation is at the very bottom of a long list of options, especially for a company that has been operating very well.

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KARY-FM To Be Sold

KARY-FM (100.9 FM) is a radio station broadcasting an Oldies format. Licensed to Grandview, Washington, USA, the station serves the Yakima area. The station is currently owned by New Northwest Broadcasters, LLC.[1]

The station went on the air as KGRU on 1987-04-22. on 1988-05-01, the station changed its call sign to the current KARY.[2]

On May 26, 2010, it was rumoured KARY’s parent company New Northwest Broadcasters‘s stations could possibly be sold in the near future. Principal of Revitalization Partners, Alan Davis says “The stations are on the air; it’s business as usual. I can only tell you there appears to be demand for the stations.”[3][4]



New Northwest Broadcasters To Restructure Debt

FAIRBANKS — A recommendation is expected next month on a plan to restructure New Northwest Broadcasters, the Seattle-based media company that operates five Fairbanks radio stations.

A Washington court assigned a receiver in May to help restructure the company to ensure that it pays its debts. Revitalization Partners expects to issue a plan in September for the court to consider, said Alan Davis, a partner in the company.

Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – New Northwest Broadcasters to restructure debt


“Significant” Demand For New Northwest.

Typical seller hyperbole is a lot less likely coming from a receiver hired by a court to sell a broadcast group.  Revitalization Partners Alan Davis tells the Yakima Herald potential buyers are lining up for New Northwest Broadcasters.

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The station went on air as KCHT on 1960-11-09. On 1997-12-08, the station changed its call sign to KJOX and on 2004-08-01 to the current KBBO.[4]

On May 26, 2010, it was rumoured KKBO’s parent company New Northwest Broadcasters‘s stations could possibly be sold in the near future. Principal of Revitalization Partners, Alan Davis says “The stations are on the air; it’s business as usual. I can only tell you there appears to be demand for the stations.”[5][6]



FTC Document:

Federal Communications Commission (FCC …  7918 REVITALIZATION PARTNERS, LLC, GENERAL RECEIVER Involuntary Assignment of E 980 KHZ SELAH, WA License, as amended From: NEW NORTHWEST BROADCASTERS, …



Restructuring Management Consulting That Works Every Time

Restructuring Management Consulting

Restructuring Management Consulting is often needed.  We have never met a businessperson who ever wanted to be in a situation with so few financial options that they had to acknowledge defeat and be forced to declare bankruptcy.

However, in the present overall economy, increasingly more and more business people feel that they have to take this unfortunate action.

When your company is dealing with mounting debt issues that appear insurmountable, it might appear that there is no hope. You watch your profit margins shrink more and more while your pile of unpaid bills keeps getting bigger and the creditors calls come with greater frequency and each one seems to express increasingly less patience.

What course of action could you take in such a situation?

Restructuring your company’s debts is a wise course of action and there are basically two methods for you to do this.

1. You can conduct your own debt renegotiation… which we would not recommend if you have not done this before … or,

2. You could retain a Restructuring Management Consulting Firm who will renegotiate your business debts with your creditors on your behalf. The first alternative may appear more attractive and would initially appear to be the cheaper alternative … which is why most people make the big mistake of trying to do this themselves.  Trust us because we have done a lot of this type of work.

It is not as easy as you think and it might be and it will likely cost you more money in lost opportunities and management distraction than you think it will. Creditors are tough to deal with in such circumstances.  They don’t like the idea of more work, losing their money or looking bad to their managers for lending you the money in the first place. If you prefer to attempt the do-it-on your own method, here is the best way to begin:. Restructuring Management Consulting

“First and foremost  … be honest.”

Attempting to reduce your company’s debts through renegotiation if you have already repeatedly lied to your creditors is going to be a significant challenge.   Even though it will likely be embarrassing, the best policy is to be candid so your creditors know your financial circumstances. What we have found is that creditors value candor because they know exactly what they are working with and when they report on your situation to “their” superiors …. they do not have to go back subsequently and “change their story” about your situation because you have not been fully candid with them from the start.

This will make them look VERY bad and won’t help you at all.   Most executives will make things seem “rosier” to buy time … all they really buy is trouble. After you have brought them up to speed, you then want to propose a restructuring plan that will consolidate your business debts into an affordable payment schedule. This will take a substantial amount of your time and energy … and require them both at the very time you need to be spending both of those resources on improving your sales and profitability.

Restructuring Management Consulting

Retaining a restructuring management consulting company will allow you to focus on growing your business while they provide skill set and experience you need to renegotiate your business debts. Hiring a restructuring management consulting company will enable your creditors to get their money back and also allow you the opportunity to keep your business as a going concern and regain operational profitability.

Working with a restructuring management consulting company, even though they will charge you a fee for their services, will typically produce a much better renegotiated that package then you could get on your own … and also enable you to focus your full attention on improving your business operation which your creditors will greatly appreciate.

Hiring a Restructuring Management Consulting company  like Revitalization Partners will help you develop a cash-flow plan which will keep your business afloat as you grow your business back to financial health.  This is typically your very best way of getting out of burdensome debt without having to declare bankruptcy or selling your business in a distressed sale.

Revitalization Partners offers you extensive experience in Restructuring Management Consulting and we are ready to help you.  Restructuring Management Consulting