Restructuring Management Consulting That Works Every Time

Restructuring Management Consulting

Restructuring Management Consulting is often needed.  We have never met a businessperson who ever wanted to be in a situation with so few financial options that they had to acknowledge defeat and be forced to declare bankruptcy.

However, in the present overall economy, increasingly more and more business people feel that they have to take this unfortunate action.

When your company is dealing with mounting debt issues that appear insurmountable, it might appear that there is no hope. You watch your profit margins shrink more and more while your pile of unpaid bills keeps getting bigger and the creditors calls come with greater frequency and each one seems to express increasingly less patience.

What course of action could you take in such a situation?

Restructuring your company’s debts is a wise course of action and there are basically two methods for you to do this.

1. You can conduct your own debt renegotiation… which we would not recommend if you have not done this before … or,

2. You could retain a Restructuring Management Consulting Firm who will renegotiate your business debts with your creditors on your behalf. The first alternative may appear more attractive and would initially appear to be the cheaper alternative … which is why most people make the big mistake of trying to do this themselves.  Trust us because we have done a lot of this type of work.

It is not as easy as you think and it might be and it will likely cost you more money in lost opportunities and management distraction than you think it will. Creditors are tough to deal with in such circumstances.  They don’t like the idea of more work, losing their money or looking bad to their managers for lending you the money in the first place. If you prefer to attempt the do-it-on your own method, here is the best way to begin:. Restructuring Management Consulting

“First and foremost  … be honest.”

Attempting to reduce your company’s debts through renegotiation if you have already repeatedly lied to your creditors is going to be a significant challenge.   Even though it will likely be embarrassing, the best policy is to be candid so your creditors know your financial circumstances. What we have found is that creditors value candor because they know exactly what they are working with and when they report on your situation to “their” superiors …. they do not have to go back subsequently and “change their story” about your situation because you have not been fully candid with them from the start.

This will make them look VERY bad and won’t help you at all.   Most executives will make things seem “rosier” to buy time … all they really buy is trouble. After you have brought them up to speed, you then want to propose a restructuring plan that will consolidate your business debts into an affordable payment schedule. This will take a substantial amount of your time and energy … and require them both at the very time you need to be spending both of those resources on improving your sales and profitability.

Restructuring Management Consulting

Retaining a restructuring management consulting company will allow you to focus on growing your business while they provide skill set and experience you need to renegotiate your business debts. Hiring a restructuring management consulting company will enable your creditors to get their money back and also allow you the opportunity to keep your business as a going concern and regain operational profitability.

Working with a restructuring management consulting company, even though they will charge you a fee for their services, will typically produce a much better renegotiated that package then you could get on your own … and also enable you to focus your full attention on improving your business operation which your creditors will greatly appreciate.

Hiring a Restructuring Management Consulting company  like Revitalization Partners will help you develop a cash-flow plan which will keep your business afloat as you grow your business back to financial health.  This is typically your very best way of getting out of burdensome debt without having to declare bankruptcy or selling your business in a distressed sale.

Revitalization Partners offers you extensive experience in Restructuring Management Consulting and we are ready to help you.  Restructuring Management Consulting

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Over the years, through our many assignments, the Principals of Revitalization Partners frequently said to ourselves: “One day, we should write a book about our work and how we can help companies through our experiences.” This is that book and we hope that you find words of value to you and your business.

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