We Could Write A Book …


Over the years through our many consulting assignments, my partner and I frequently said that “One day, we should write a book about our experiences and the common problems we repeatedly see harming companies.”

This book is the product of that desire to share what we discovered over the past 15 years and help you avoid the pitfalls we saw needlessly ensnare so many businesses.

We have observed that many of these problems were typically ‘self-inflicted’ by management and were totally avoidable.

We have distilled our experiences into a number of short articles that describe the problems we encountered and the solutions we implemented.

We also include a series of specific topics related to our experiences that are a bit broader in scope, but no less applicable.


Who Should Read This Book?

Any business owner / manager/ investor or commercial lender can benefit from this book.

Reading this book will help you start the process of identifying any specific problems your business may be experiencing and see what solutions have worked for others.