Corporate Reengineering and Interim Management

Constant change is the norm in business change today. Yesterday’s management direction may be today’s liability. For companies slow to adapt or Boards unwilling to make changes in a timely manner, financial viability may be at stake. When a problem occurs, a company must divorce itself from the internal strife that nearly always accompanies a lack of performance and focus on the future. Yet, because there is often no management change agent in sight, change comes slowly and often too late.

Revitalization Partners has extensive experience in serving as interim and long-term senior management in companies ranging from start-ups to large, publicly held enterprises. Our hands-on approach is focused on eliminating the sins of the past, preserving the best of the company’s culture and getting the organization focused on the key issue; restoring business value in the shortest possible time.


Crisis Stabilization

Once a company has been referred to the Special Assets group of its principal lender, things can go downhill very rapidly. Revitalization Partners has extensive, demonstrated experience at negotiating with lenders to avoid this situation or work with the lender if it has already occurred. The objective is simple: The survival of the corporation as a going concern.

Our main focus is on cash, cash management and negotiating with vendors to insure a continued flow of necessary material as well as on working with the bank to make sure working capital continues to be available. Our other focus is on replacing the lender, if necessary, with one that matches the company’s requirements.

Reestablishing credibility with a lender can usually only be done with the assistance of an outside third party who can present the bank with an unbiased evaluation of the situation and a proposed workout plan.


Receivership and Bankruptcy Support

The team at Revitalization is one of the most experienced in the Northwest at working with companies in receivership and bankruptcy. Whether a receivership is entered through an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC) or an imposed receivership by a lender, we have successfully guided numbers of companies through the process, obtaining maximum return for creditors and the least stress for owners and management. Our extensive experience allows rapid decision making regarding the continued use or liquidation of assets to maximize returns to creditors.

The courts have held that Chapter 11 is only for debtors who have a legitimate reorganization purpose and have the ability to execute on a plan. Members of the Revitalization Partners team have served as strategic and financial advisors to both creditors and debtors in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. By having experienced financial advice and assistance with capital restructuring, a company can insure that its plan is accepted by creditors and by the court. Experienced independent financial judgment on behalf of the creditors provides for any necessary adjustments to the plan to provide for the maximum return to creditors.


Investor and Creditor Support

Revitalization Partners brings extensive experience in working with equity investors and lenders in assisting them in evaluating their exposure and assessing the proper actions necessary to evaluate a company’s financial and operating position. We leverage our management, investment and financial experience to provide clients an in-depth understanding of the issues behind the numbers. Our team brings operational and due diligence experience that transcends financial due diligence and enables us to identify operational flaws and opportunities that are not readily detected by financial analysis alone.