Richard Von Riesen

Richard has more than 30 years’ experience as a CEO, COO, CFO and board member of companies in the United States and Internationally. He has served in a variety of senior level positions with extensive experience in corporate restructurings and turnarounds in a wide range of industries including technology, retail, healthcare, aerospace as well as the non-profit sector.

Richard’s extensive turnaround experience includes both domestic and international projects as follows:

  • Serving as Executive Chairman of a scientific-imaging company that was a NASA subcontractor participating in spaceflight testing of launch and recovery systems, The Company received three NASA Group Achievement Awards during his tenure and Richard received NASA’s Silver Achievement Award for his participation in support of the joint NASA SHARC / JAXA Hayabusa spacecraft recovery mission in Australia.
  • Led the successful turnaround of a large gas station and convenience store that was $2.5 million in debt and ranked 9,600th of 10,000 franchise locations for volume and revenue at the time of engagement.
  • Appointed Chief Financial Officer for a struggling healthcare company and refined its business model and strategy resulting in raising $7.3 million for its expansion. The Company was later acquired with a successful exit for its investors.
  • Served as a Board Member and Treasurer of a multi-million dollar Seattle non-profit.
  • He is currently serving as an Advisor to the CEO of a National Historic Trust owned property located in the southern US.
  • His other engagements include advising international organizations on turnarounds and restructurings in companies as diverse as a consumer-oriented SaaS Ap in London, and a financial services firm with its primary operations in Shanghai.
    Richard holds a BA in Mathematics and Social Sciences from Dartmouth College, and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

The station’s trade area was overbuilt with 28 gas station/c-store competitors within a two- mile radius. Over the course of a 4+ year period, by undertaking a complete overhaul of accounting, pricing strategy, signage, traffic patterns, merchandising strategy, and employee recruitment/retention the location achieved a 5x increase in net revenue. Ultimately, the location was ranked 2nd out of 10,000 within the franchise system, in what was the most significant turnaround of a property in the 30+ year careers of the chain’s senior executives. The successful exit attained the 2nd highest sale price of 1,500 sale transactions within the Pacific Northwest during the exit year, leading to a full financial recovery for the client.

He increased revenue by 20 times while strengthening its management team, operations, business development practices and financial systems.