Solving a Distressed Company’s Toughest Problems

Corporate Turnarounds

No turnaround can be successful over the long term unless a company’s underlying operations are changed to achieve the desired results.


Complex Receiverships

The team at Revitalization Partners is one of the most experienced in the Northwest at working with companies in the receivership process.


Debt Restructuring In Crisis

Companies that are slow to adapt or boards unwilling to make changes in a timely manner, financial viability is often compromised.


Over a Century Of C-Suite Operational Experience

Experience When It Counts

The Revitalization Partners team is both experienced and accomplished with over 120 years of experience as CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Board members, investors, and turnaround managers. Our expertise in operational improvement, financing, crisis management, receivership and bankruptcy workout activities is second to none.


Consistent, Proven Outcomes

We approach every project through an entrepreneurial lens and strive to uncover the best path forward for all involved. Our extensive operational experience provides the basis for understanding the root causes of a company’s operational and financial set-backs, as well as finding solutions that maximize and achieve optimal business outcomes.


Trusted in Time of Crisis

When crisis occurs, you need expert advice and third-party impartiality. Having served as executives of companies ranging from pre-revenue to multi-billion-dollar enterprises, our team brings the courage to speak the facts and follow through on tough decisions. We “hit the ground running” by performing rapid situational assessments, and successfully serve as “change agents” while often operating under intense pressure.  


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