Dealing with a Financial Crisis in These Uncertain Times




It’s clear that most every company or lender is dealing with the financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Regardless of whether you are a company that is having a difficult time in financing your business, or a lender that works with companies that are impacted by the COVID-19 virus, everyone is dealing with the negative impact on businesses in today’s environment.

From a company perspective, the current business climate requires that management rapidly evaluate their business and cash flow requirements.

All elements of the business are impacted including their customers’ ability to pay, and their suppliers’ ability to deliver key products, materials and services.

At the same time, lenders also are examining companies in their loan portfolio and evaluating their requirements for additional credit and how or if they can meet their needs.

Whether working with an existing lender or locating a new one, Revitalization Partners has extensive experience in working with financial institutions ranging from banks, large and regional, to asset-based and factoring lenders.  

And, while many of the largest banks and some of the regional banks are preoccupied with obtaining government loans, hundreds, if not thousands of other lenders are seeking new business.

Given the uncertainties in the current business climate, it is increasingly difficult for business owners to understand the financial requirements of their business.

Furthermore, it is difficult to accurately convey their financial needs to lenders, supported with a reasonably accurate business plan that reflects the rapidly changing business climate.



Revitalization Partners (RP) has, over the past 18 years, worked with numerous companies in crisis, as well as all types of lenders. Our work has resulted in substantial success in helping companies prepare business/financial plans that address the lender’s need to assess the risk in their business.

Using our experience in working with companies and banks to address their needs, RP is offering a program to assist companies and lenders in preparing financial plans and determining options to address liquidity issues.

Before accepting an assignment, RP will interview management, review the current financial position and determine if we are in a position to successfully assist the company.

This evaluation will be at no cost to the prospective client.  Over 18 years, we have only accepted assignments in which we have high confidence of success, explaining our 90% success rate.

If we determine that RP can be of assistance, we will advise the prospective client of how we believe we can help and advise them of the cost of the project.

The project will be undertaken on a fixed price basis with no other costs and we will describe the activities to be performed, a projected timeframe and targeted results.



If you are interested in learning more about our program, please email or call either Bill Lawrence or Al Davis, who both are Principals of the firm.

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